Harry Potter New Year’s Eve Party

A little ambiance – hanging candles!harry-potter-5418harry-potter-5420

Checking out the Maurader’s Map before supperharry-potter-5434

Helping grammy make the pumpkin pasties…harry-potter-5545harry-potter-5631

Supper was shepherd’s pie, Dumbledore’s pensive (blue Jell-O) and cheese scones…harry-potter-5444harry-potter-5447

The owls delivered our Hogwarts acceptance letters…harry-potter-5451harry-potter-5458harry-potter-5468harry-potter-5473

Making magic potions….harry-potter-5491harry-potter-5499harry-potter-5528harry-potter-5532harry-potter-5538harry-potter-5539


Sorting hat chose our houses according to what was in our hearts…harry-potter-5595harry-potter-5607harry-potter-5616

Sucking down the butter beer…harry-potter-5624

Making scary faces for the Azkaban wanted posters!wizard-poster

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