The Magical World of Harry Potter

I don’t usually write anything to go along with my images, but I feel like this amazing trip deserves some some words.  Asher (9) has been VERY into Harry Potter over the last six months.  He has read all of the books twice through and has seen several of the movies. When my parents brought him to Florida for his special trip with them, we knew we wanted to do the Magic Kingdom, but we debated back and forth about Harry Potter World because we were afraid he was too young.

I got some feedback from some girlfriends who live in the area and have kids around Asher’s age and they all said we HAD to go.  So the very last day of our trip, we went back to Orlando and had one of the most magical experiences of my life (I mean Asher’s life).

There is King’s Cross Station complete with Platform 9 3/4…

Harry Potter-4707Harry Potter-4689Harry Potter-4701

The Hogwarts Express which is a ride in itself and is a different experience each away…Harry Potter-4549Harry Potter-4559

First view of the Hogwart’s Castle…Harry Potter-4723

Picking out Asher’s wand at Ollivander’s was an amazingly surreal experience.  We went in this tiny room with boxes of wands stacked all around, two stories high.  We were in a group of about 20 other people and a wizard picked two siblings from the crowd for the wands to “find them.”  He was authentic, funny and made the whole thing so real for everyone.  After the wands chose the siblings, we went into the store to pick out wands and Asher immediately grabbed Harry’s wand.  But then he spotted a display with all of the witch and wizards’ wands displayed on a wall and he found the one he really wanted. He asked who it belonged to (Narcissa Malfoy) but that really didn’t matter, it was the one he had decided upon.Harry Potter-4535Harry Potter-4548Harry Potter-4546Harry Potter-4523Harry Potter-4717Harry Potter-4677Harry Potter-4659Harry Potter-4724Harry Potter-4655

A show acting out the Tale of the Three Brothers…Harry Potter-4648Harry Potter-4647

Grandpa and Asher waiting in Diagon Alley for the famous Butterbeer, which did not disappoint. Harry Potter-4636Harry Potter-4638

The wands are interactive!  They come with a really cool map that shows you all the spells you need to use by the different store fronts to make things happen.  It takes some practice and sometimes help from the wizards, but this was definitely Asher’s favorite part of the entire day. Harry Potter-4628Harry Potter-4712

All of the details were remarkable.  The stores were just like they were described in the books. Harry Potter-4619Harry Potter-4614

The Knight Bus where Asher had a conversation with both the driver and the shrunken head!Harry Potter-4605

Harry Potter-4736#12 Grimmauld Place where Kreature peeks out from behind the curtain on the second floor…Harry Potter-4598Harry Potter-4734

Flying brooms behind held down by ropes in one of the stores…Harry Potter-4592Harry Potter-4591

Mandrake in one of the store windows…Harry Potter-4582Because the spells were difficult to get to work, success was truly celebrated!Harry Potter-4580Harry Potter-4576Harry Potter-4574Harry Potter-4573Harry Potter-4572Harry Potter-4530Hogsmeade and Hogwarts Castle was even more beautiful at night…Harry Potter-4756Harry Potter-4752Harry Potter-4747

An absolutely magical experience and so special to view through the eyes of a 9 year old who believes.

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